Based on the data showed, 71billions dollars is a minimum output value of household market in 2018. This number expresses one point undoubted: intelligent household market its future is very prospected. Consequently, to make an metaphor, intelligent household market like a delicious cake, it attracts many lines want to catch it and moreover, they want to taste one piece of it and let themselves occupy more market shares.
Customized products and customized experience these are all symbols and signs of this new age. As to the truth, the basic economy decides upper structure. And according to Maslows hierarchy of needs, now the needs for Chinese people it increases many levels, people are not only asking for filling their stomach. So the traditional living way cant content people who living in the new age, who cant simply satisfied with living, but to pursuit the quality of life.
EMATE intelligent electrical products are always welcomed by users and EMATE also take this as the venture goal to pursuit for. Thus, EMATE is searching and studying the trend of intelligent household development and endeavour to create our new products, to develop more products to suit the habit and selection of our users more.


EMATE as the top brand in electrical products line, surely for intelligent household trend of new products comes first must be: intelligent house environment. Now most people may have some intelligent electrical products like floor mopping robot、loudspeaker box etc. While this is not the end goal of intelligent house, EMATE will start from series products like weather station and will make efforts to design for a complete intelligent house solution. From a general view of new things of the world, most new things show us: there is nothing we couldnt make it except for something that we never think about it. So, the day to real realize intelligent house is coming at the corner.  

For the coming new year, we have wishes and we will make progress. In 2019, may the meeting of us will be getting better and better. And in the new year, EMATE will bring to our folks more comfortable, more intelligent and more convenient house living environment.

1ST JAN 2019
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