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1.How can I get an Owner's Manual?
Owner's Manuals for the products can be downloaded from our download center.
2.How can I purchase a Parts Catalog?
You can purchase a Parts Catalog through any Emate Dealer.
3.What should I do if have problems with my Emate products?
Take your equipment to your local Emate servicing dealer for inspection, diagnosis, and repair.

1.Does this unit have an atomic clock?
Although the manual does make note of "How to deactivate the atomic signal" this unit does not have the atomic clock function. The clock will need to be manually set.
2.How accurate is the data?
The information comes directly from a feed for that regional area; any questions about the accuracy of the data should be directed to
3.How much sunlight is needed to power transmissions?
The solar panel needs 6 hours of peak sun per day for normal transmission.
4.Are the solar batteries available on their own?
No, they aren't. If -you're having troubles with the -batterries,make sure whether it has had direct sunlight. If this does not solve the problem, please contact our customer care at  0086-591-38111789.
5.Can I leave the unit out during the cold winter months?
You can either bring the sensor indoors, or be sure to cover it tightly with plastic to prevent water from entering the gauge during the freezing season.
6.How do changes in barometric pressure relate to weather forecasts?
As a general rule, high or rising barometric pressure means dry/sunny weather, while low or falling barometric pressure indicates wet/cloudy weather.
7.How do I clear the rainfall totals and reset the since date?
Press the mode button to select the "UV/Barometer/Rainfall" LCD area. Press and hold the MEMORY button to reset the accumulated rainfall to '0' and to set the timestamp to current date and time. These instructions can be found on the User Manual.
8.How do the temperature and humidity sensors work?
The temperature and humidity sensors use resistance/capacitance (R-C) oscillators. When temperature or humidity changes, the resistance and frequency of the sensor changes. The microcontroller in the sensor counts the frequency, and then sends the signal to the main display.
9.How long can the solar transmitter operate without needing direct sunlight or drawing power from the backup batteries?
The solar transmitter can store enough energy to operate approximately 24 hours without needing energy from direct sunlight or backup batteries.
1.Do Atomic Clocks work in Canada?
Atomic Clocks purchased in the U.S. are pre-tuned to radio signals broadcast by the U.S. Atomic clock near Boulder, Colorado. These signals only reach limited areas beyond the U.S. border. Atomic Clocks can be set manually when used outside the U.S. For reference, the following Canadian Provinces correspond to these U.S. time zones: British Columbia, Yukon Territory: Pacific Daylight Time Alberta, Northwest Territory: Mountain Daylight Time Manitoba, Nunavut: Central Daylight Time Ontario, Quebec: Eastern Daylight Time .
2.Why the display is blank?
Check the polarity on your batteries to make sure they are installed according to the diagrams in the battery compartment. Also make sure that you are using a new good quality alkaline battery.
3.Why time is incorrect or not displaying at all?
1) If you have not yet installed the batteries or plugged in the clock and it shows a time, remove the scratch-guard from the LCD panel.
2) This clock receives a signal from Ft. Collins, Colorado (WWVB) to set the clock to atomic time. Sometimes, due to adverse weather or atmospheric conditions you will not be able to receive a signal immediately. The best way to get a signal is to put your clock in a window facing Colorado until you see the tower icon appear.
4.Will my Atomic Clock function in Alaska or Hawaii?
An Atomic Clock purchased in the continental United States will not receive the U.S. Atomic Clock's signal in Alaska or Hawaii. Likewise, an Atomic Clock purchased outside the U.S. will not receive the U.S. signal within the continental United States. All Atomic Clocks can be set manually when beyond their source country's signal.
5.Will the Atomic Clock that I purchased in the United States work outside of the U.S.?
U.S. Atomic Clocks are designed to synchronize in the United States. It has been found that they can often synchronize in limited areas near the border of the continental United States. The U.S. Atomic Clocks clocks will not work in Europe where a different broadcasting standard is in use. However, these clocks can be manually set for those occasions when you are outside the coverage area.
6.Change the way the date is displayed
Press and release the + button to change your display options.

Smart Connection
1.what's the camera?
The camera is the monitoring product in our daily life. As an alarm of various emergencies, it is the advancing atomic monitoring product that it can control the message on the telephone, take photos and then send them to the master's  telephone or the electronic mail box, and monitor the voice on the spot.
2.Does it take photos in the evening?
Yes. It has eight high energy infrared lights, even in the dark, it can get the clear photos.
3.When the power cut off, does it work normally?
Yes. It installs lithium battery with 800mAh.
4.If families go out for a tour, does it check the situation in the house on other places?
Yes.  Because it covers with GSM.  If you are on the other places and want to know something in the house, you can use the binding telephone to send the order, or phone the little door pupil and hang up in 4 seconds, the little door pupil can send the pictures to your phones and you can know the situation in the house. The little door pupil help you look after the house and you can enjoy your life.


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