♦Senior Foreign Trade Manager 3
♦Senior Industrial Designer 1

一、Senior Foreign Trade Manager: Basic salary 6k-8k + high commission

Job responsibilities:
1, According to the market plan, promote and sale company products;
2, Actively explore new markets, develop new customers, expand the sales range of products;
3, According to the sales targets set by the department, to complete sales tasks and gain individual performance commission ;
4, Responsible for the negotiation and commercial contracts confirm and shipments and related matters;
5, Responsible for customer keeping, as well as customer data collection and file management;
6, Conduct market research, collect market information, participate in the formulation of marketing plans;
7, Participate in market demand discussion, track product development progress;
8, Participate in the company's domestic and foreign exhibition and sales activities, contact new and old customers;
9, Visits domestic and foreign customers, maintain and develop customer relations.

Job requirements:
1, More than 6 years of actual foreign trade work experience, familiar with the foreign trade process, skilled in operating export trade whole process, have household electronic products foreign trade experience is preferred;
2, Major in English or International Trade, graduated from a normal college or key college. English listening, speaking, reading, writing fluency, English level 4 or better level;
3, business negotiation experience, business affairs management experience; Strong market analysis and judgment ability, customer service awareness;
4, Outgoing, agile, can withstand harder work pressure; Strong ability of expression, strong communication ability, good affinity; Good character, integrity and high sense of responsibility.

二、 Senior industrial designer: salary 5k-7k

Job responsibilities:
1, Responsible for the company's product appearance conceptual design and gradually form an executable plan until the product enter into market;
2, Responsible for company's new product design;
3, Responsible for the company's product design application research work, make it an industry standard and form a unique design style;
4, Cooperate with the superior to carry out product research and development project quality control and process management;
5, Complete the other work assigned by the superior leadership.

Job requirements:
1, Cheerful and lively personality, team sense, and good communication skills;
2, College degree or above, English 4 or above; 3 years or more experience in industrial design, have the ability of system design and analysis, can design independently;
3,Proficient in the use of rhinoceros, PS, keyshot, AI or CDR and other design software, professional ability;
5, With a clear understanding of the design of various process points; Have full perception and grasp of modeling, color, process, and surface treatment;
6, Innovative design marketing thinking ability, has its own understanding of the design, can keenly grasp the market future trends and new product design direction, good at market/product analysis.

Contact way:
1. Contact: Miss Lin 0591-38259628
2. Mailbox: M.lin@qq.con
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