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EMATE ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD. was established in March 2012. It is a manufacturing enterprise under EMATE Group. It is focus on R&D, manufacturing, OEM/ODM export sales business segment of EMATE Group's home electronic products.The company employs more than 400 people and is located in Fuzhou, Fujian Province, a coastal port city in southeast of China.
EMATE ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD. is a new high-tech enterprise integrating R&D, manufacturing, export and cross-border e-commerce. For many years, the company has specialized in the design and manufacture of home living environment monitoring electronic products, power control electronic products, security monitoring electronic products, and garden irrigation control electronic products. 
The company is also proactively investing in the development of smart home system products based on the cloud platform of technology that represents the future technology.
Company Major Businesses
  • OEM/ODM manufacturing and export of home life electronic products;
  • Research and development design of home environment testing electronic products;
  • Research and development design of home power control electronic products;
  • Research and development design of home garden irrigation control electronic products;
  • Research and development design of home security control electronic products;
  • Research and development design of smart home system products based on cloud platform of technology;   

Company financial head center and R&D sales center:The company's headquarters is located in the UnitedPower Industrial Zone No. 15 Jinzhou North Road, Fuzhou City. The finance, R & D and sales departments are allocated here. It has a comfortable office environment, a scenario exhibition hall and a multifunctional conference room.The company has a professional foreign trade sales team, and a strong engineering technology research and development team including software design, electronic hardware design, structural engineering design, mold forming design, industrial design. 

Company Manufacture Location
The company's production base is located at 76 Yangqi Road, Fuzhou City, Fujian Province, with 28000 square meters of modern industrial plant.  modernized industrial plants including the molding, plastic injection, metal stamping, painting workshop,SMT workshop and finished-products assembling workshop. electronic appliances and assembly lines. Our company is very strong in supplying chain management, integrated production and manufacturing.


The company has formed a strong R&D design, manufacturing, export, cross-border e-commerce and brand operation system with the division of other brothers and overseas subsidiaries of the Group.
Company Four series products
1、Home environment monitoring electronic products: including time alarm clock, temperature and humidity meter, barometer, rain gauge, full-featured weather station, etc.;

2、Home power management electronic products: including timing sockets, power outlets, remote control sockets, WIFI remote control sockets, etc.;


3、Home security monitoring electronic products: including wireless doorbell, WIFI visible voice doorbell, WIFI visual voice doorbell, WIFI surveillance camera, etc.;


4、Home irrigation control electronics: including irrigation timing valves, irrigation controllers, electronically controlled valves, electronically controlled pumps, soil monitoring transmitters, rain monitoring transmitters, wifi irrigation controllers, etc.;


Company Core Advantages
1st Technical Advantage: The company has unique core technology advantages in environmental detection sensor technology, embedded software design, RF RF transmission technology, Bluetooth, Wifi Internet connection technology application research and development. In addition, the company connects with the front-end market through overseas R&D and sales centers, absorbs cutting-edge technology and design management concepts, and develops products that meet the needs of the international market and provide them to customers around the world.
2nd Sales Advantage:Sales advantage: The company's sales team has rich experience in international trade sales. The products have entered the mainstream sales channels in Europe and America, and cooperated with many famous professional brands in Europe and America, such as international brands LEXON, OREGON, BRESSER, etc. Chain supermarkets have close business cooperation such as: ALDI, LIDL, REWE, etc. At the same time, the company has established an international brand sales team in response to changes in the market environment. Formed a sales pattern of OEM/ODM international trade and international brand sales.
3rd Supply Chain Advantage:The company has strong supply chain management capabilities and vertical integration of manufacturing, from mold manufacturing, plastic injection molding, spray screen printing, electronic welding, patch bonding to finished product assembly, the self-made rate has reached more than 70%.
Company Certificates
The company has obtained ISO: 9001 quality system certification and BSCI commercial social responsibility certification;
The company's various products have obtained CE, R&TTE, FCC, ROHS, REACHUL、ETL safety certifications which are very strict in quality control in Europe and America.
The company's technical engineering team has obtained hundreds of industrial design patents, utility model patents, technology invention patents, and software copyright patents.
Company's talent strategy:
In the process of establishment and development, the company attaches great importance to the introduction and cultivation of talents, and establishes a dual-channel development mechanism for professional and technical talents and management and operation talents. At present, the company has a high-quality, high-efficiency and experienced professional management. The team, and a strong engineering research and development team including software design, electronic hardware design, structural engineering design, mold forming design, industrial design.
At Emmett, we are committed to the development and manufacture of smart home electronics products with the power of technological innovation, enabling people to enjoy a better, more convenient and smarter life. This is also the company mission that the company has been insisting on since its inception.
The company will adhere to the business philosophy of "innovation and development, customer orientation, speed and passion, integrity and integrity", with "scientific and technological innovation" as its core competitiveness, and make Fujian Yimeite Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. become a focus on smart home life electronic products. Leading international companies.

About Us
Emate is a leading manufacture and designer of high-quality digital electronic products based in Fuzhou, China.
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