Water Timer

Item No.: ITV0102
ITV0102 is Micro-irrigation One-touch Tap Timer Valve with battery-power supply, also regarded as a kind of time control valve. It comes with a durable alkaline battery that can be quickly installed to any standard NPT or BSP threaded faucet. The user can
·Maximum working pressure 5.0 bar.
·Maximum flow 35 l/min.
·Threaed output ¾” M.
·Powered by 2 AAA 1.5V alkaline batteries.
·Diaphragm electric valve.
·Run times: 2,5,10 and 15 min.
·Irrigation frequency: once every 12,24 and 48 hours.
·Rain delay: 2 to 22 hours.
·Simple, easy installation and programming. 
·No need for tools.
·Programmed on/off  times saves water, perfect for drought and non-drought conditions.

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